Intraday’s Derivatives Course

  • What are futures contracts. 
  • Terminology used in future contracts (Lot size, Expiry etc) 
  • Buying and Selling of future contracts in Indian share market. 
  • What is rollover of future contracts. 
  • Arbitrage trading using future contracts and cash equity.

Learning Outcome

Options :-

(i) What are options.
(ii) Types of options ( Call and Put ).
(iii) What are option premiums and strike price of an option.
(iv) What is ATM, ITM & OTM.
(v) What is option buying.
(vi) Options and India Vix.
(vii) What are intrinsic and time value in option trading.
(vii) What are option GREEKS ( Delta, Theta, Vega and Gamma ).
(viii) What is Premium decay in options.
(ix) What is option Writing/selling.
(x) How to understand an Option chain.
(xi) What is open interest.
(xii) Difference in option selling and option buying.
(xiii) Implied volatility and India vix
(xiv) What is max pain and PCR.

Option Strategies

(i) Bull call spreads.
(ii) Bear call spread.
(iii) Bull put spread.
(iv) Bear put spread.
(v) Straddles.
(vi) Strangles.
(vii) Call ratio back spread.
(viii) Classic Calendar.
(ix) Double diagonal.
(x) Iron condor.
(xi) Iron fly.
(xii) Butterfly strategy.
(xiii) Broken wing butterfly.
(xiv) Put ratio back spread.
(xv) Bear call ladder.

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Forward Contracts

(i) Understanding forward contracts.
(ii) Practical use of Forward contracts.
(iii) Difference between forwards and futures.



(i) What are swaps.
(ii) Practical use of swaps.