Interaday’s Mutual Fund Course

Course Overview

(1) Investing with Mutual Fund
(a) Introduction to MFs, basic terminology, types schemes etc.
(b) Advantages and Disadvantages of MFs

(c) Can MFs vanish / close business?
(d) Ways of transacting with MFs
(e) Various tools for transacting with MFs (CAMS, MFU Utilities etc)
(f) Various websites for use in MFs

fundamental analysis

Learning Outcome

  • Direct and Regular investment and their differences
  • Implementing Life Stage Model in MFs
  • Active and Passive Investing
  • Investing with Exchange Traded Funds
  • Investing with Index Funds
  • 10 Types of Equity MFs
  • 15 Types of Debt MFs
  • 15 Types of Hybrid MFs
  • Ways of parking excess funds for short duration
  • Predicting future returns of MF scheme based on working of past performance

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    • Role of fund manager and evaluation of their performance
    • Window of direct investment and easiness of managing investments and control
    • International Equity MF
    • Entry / Exit load and Expenses charged by MFs
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