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Welcome To IntraDay Breakout Academy

IntraDay Breakout Academy is a professional Stock Market Training Institute based in Gurgaon setup by professional traders. We share our real life trading experience as per need of today’s traders after completely understanding his / her profile. Our students get live trading experience with one-to-one mentoring and top-of-the-line facilities, technology and educators.

Our courses helps participants to generate secondary income source from market and reduce dependency on job. We also help students get SEBI / NISM certification so that they can get preferred selection in their job profile in BFSI sector.

our mission

Our goal is to provide the right education to the investors and traders before they start actual investment.  We train our students through professional trader and mentor on a trading floor which is equipped with advance trading tools, fast connection and latest live case studies.

Our Team


Mr. Ruchin Tyagi Is a Technical analyst and a founder of Intraday breakout trading firm , He Has Done his Masters in Finance, Having More Than 11 rich Years Of Experience In Financial Market.

  • He Started Trading Stocks in 2011 , He Is a Full Time Index Trader Who Believes in Instant Action Rather Than Prediction of market.


  • He says Market is his first love and teaching stock market with newer horizons is his forte .


  • Mr Ruchin can help you save a lot of money you will have to pay to the market itself by making losses.


  • He can minimize your losses in the Stock Market by his amazing trading setup, trading psychology, risk management and hand holding whenever you need.”


Krishan Garg, an MBA in Marketing & Finance, is having 20 years of industry experience in Sales, Marketing and launching various products & services with top companies of India. He has always topped the charts with his excellent performance & also set many benchmarks during these years.
He started his business journey almost 5 years back when one of his friends pulled him into the stock market to generate some additional income but very soon he opted it as a full time career. Over the years, he has undergone various trainings & programs on financial markets which has helped him in establishing as a successful investor as well as an intra-day trader

At the same time he added another vertical for the people of Chandigarh Tricity which was to provide quality & genuine advice in the field of Real Estate. And today he has a long list of satisfied customers/ investors who took property or invested through him.  

He is NISM (a subsidiary of SEBI) certified Financial Advisor. Currently, he is running a Wealth Management Company which includes Traditional Financial Products, Equity Investments and above all Real Estate.


Niyati (Nism qualified)has an excellent academic record with degree in Biotechnology Engineering and a GATE Qualified Post Graduate degree in Chemical Technology with specialization in Oil Tech from HBTI kanpur

She started conducting on stock market trading in 2015. Since then, many students have benefited from her training on stock market, price actions.
She is a rare combination of an experienced trader and a passionate trainer, Niyati articulates complex concepts in the simplest language possible for the benefit of the students.

Teaching stock market with newer newer horizons is her forte
The way she explains stock market with real world examples makes no space for boredom.
She has the innate capability to connect the dots and weave stories that not only are enlightening but also are interesting and entertaining for the students.

Niyati’s keen observations and elaboration of fundamentals appeal to both newbies and experienced traders.
Her narration of her own experiences – the many shallow mistakes & subsequent learnings, market ups and downs, behind the curtain stock stories and real-life analogies make the stock training insightful.

She leaves no stone unturned to make each session  full of energy, sparing no moment for boredom.

Her visionary-

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(Stock Market Trader, Formerly a professor with Bsc. in Mathematics & Msc. in Physics.)

Mr. Akash has been trading in the stock market for the past 7 years and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles. Whether it be the 2019 boom in the market due to elections or the post Covid downfall in 2020, he has managed to maintain a subtle profile for himself in all these years.
It all started in 2013 for Akash, when he developed a small interest towards trading.

Little did he knew, that his passion for this would grow upto a level that in 2014, he shifted from being a lecturer to a full time trader.

 He started as an Intra day trader in equity cash markets & then slowly moved towards positional swing tradings.

However, major change took place in his approach towards trading when he came to know about DERIVATIVES, especially Future & Options.

F&O made Akash see the fascinating & interesting side of trading, & he started with option buying, obviously. However, as it is in most of the cases, he had to face some losses in the beginning which was much due to excitement & lack of knowledge. 

Then started a year long journey of reading, understanding & gathering in depth knowledge of Derivatives.
After gaining a handful of knowledge,

Mr. Akash became a regular Option Seller & with a long experience of teaching behind him, he also started as a mentor in 2016. 


SEBI / NISM Certification

Master Of The Stock Trading

Technical Analysis Certification